Fixing My Toxic Heart

Lowell I. Gerber, M.D.


I am a board certified cardiologist.  A few years ago  I was disabled with  Lyme disease  and after two years of antibiotics and not being able to work fulltime, I finally found relief at La Luz Wellness Center (  which is an alternative medicine, inpatient, intensive care hospital in Mexico.    After I recovered it became known that I was a cardiologist who knew about Lyme disease.  Patients were referred to me with tick borne diseases and cardiac symptoms.  When the patients were too complex for outpatient treatment I referred them to the same place which was successful for me.  I became more interested in alternative medicine and became a naturopathic medical student gaining more experience and training while serving as a consultant to La Luz Wellness Center.

I lectured about Lyme and co-infections at ILADS in 2018.  DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.32341.68324    I also have an interview which was done at the conference:

Since then I  have continued to develop further expertise in the evaluation and treatment of the toxic heart, and have lectured on the topic.

Recently , I was invited to participate in the CardioVascular Docu-Class  Speaker number 4 on Day 5.

My presentation is titled: “Fixing A Toxic Heart”.